Friday, May 12, 2017

The Hardest Part of Nursing School

Are the test hard? What's the hardest part?

These are questions I get asked nearly every week. My answer has most definitely changed through out this process. 

During my first semester I likely would have told you the test were the hardest part. If not the test I would have answered the style of questions.

At this point I've been through FOUR semesters of school. Each one has brought a different challenge for me. I've experienced clinical set backs, not so great attitudes and even failure.

If someone were to ask my today what the hardest part was I would reply with two separate answers. 

1. Seeing my fellow classmates not succeed to the next semester

2. Watching fellow classmates move on
These answers are very personal at this point. In the four semesters I've experienced, I've seen multiple classmates drop out. I've shed some tears for each one of them. Friendships happen so quickly in school and you never imagine not graduating with each and every smiling face that surrounds you. These people become your family in a short period of time. You're with them nearly every day and you can't avoid becoming personal with all of them. Small inside jokes leave you giggling for hours while others stare at you like you're crazy. Your teachers know you've become best friends and they do everything they can to help you branch out to and talk to your other classmates. 

And suddenly they're gone. Even with all your attempts to stay in touch, you barely speak. You're both so busy in life that you never see each other. It's a sad reality that comes along with school.

Not everyone will experience their classmates moving on. I'm not ashamed to admit that I failed. I gained a lot of knowledge from a second chance and I will carry it with me. The extreme downside is watching my friends advance. I'm elated for each and everyone of them, but I'm also a bit bitter. That could be me... I could be graduating in TWO months. I spent plenty of time shedding tears and beating myself up over my failure. Each and every time I see their post on social media I can't help but feel jealous. I want to be in their position so bad. 

I love them so much though. They all deserve this success and I couldn't be happier for them. It's a hectic battle raging inside of me. I will attend their pinning and cheer each one of them on until the very end. They're bright young women and will become the greatest nurses. They've all been so humble and caring on their journeys and I can't wait to see where life carries them.

If you're in Nursing school, remember that it's all about what you make of it. You have every right to have a rainbow of emotions weekly. You're life is a tough one and soon you'll be rewarded with an amazing feat. Keep striving and don't let anything dim your light. Your friends will always have your back.


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