Sunday, July 24, 2016

Welcome to my blog

I thought about how I was going to lay out this first post for days. I wanted it to be perfect and enticing. Let's face it, that's so not me.

I'm Sami, mom of two energetic boys and wife of a loving man. The boys and I recently moved to Florida so I could pursue my nursing degree. I like to consider myself a simple person, but I'm far to complicated. I over think things, constantly worry, and forget myself quite often. I refuse to let all of this bring me down. This year I planned to take action and better myself. I want to take responsibility for my actions and be the first to stand up and try something. I want to be the glimmering star in the sea of darkness.

I've created this blog as an outlet for my feelings. A way to hold myself accountable and celebrate all things about me. I also intend to focus on my family and all our fun adventures. This next year is going to be very challenging for us and I'd love to share our journey with y'all.

    These are my boys, my family.

Chance is my hardworking husband. He is a sonar technician in the Navy and is currently stationed in Virginia. In December he will be discharging and heading home to us.

B is my oldest boy. He's a fun loving little guy who isn't afraid of anything. He keeps me on my toes and always surprises me.

Ryker is my little four eyes. He's a Mama's baby for sure. He's terrified of everything and always need cuddles.

My boys keep me very busy. If the little ones don't need me, the big one does. I love being the person they all come to with their problems. They don't know I need them as much as they need me.

I'm so excited to see this blog grow and I really hope y'all will follow along for our upcoming journey to civilian life.

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